Device Management

With our Intune baseline, we manage, monitor and proactively remediate issues on all devices.

Enhanced with custom-made user notifications, advanced monitoring, and seamless automation scripts to prevent outages, update applications, increase security, raise user awareness, and guarantee an uninterrupted and optimal user experience.

Our 24×7 SOC is automatically alerted for high-priority alerts that require immediate attention, and our Service Desk is always available for questions, ensuring peace of mind for all users.

Security Monitoring

Our advanced monitoring and response capabilities detect malicious activities such as login attempts through VPN connections, and all activity is matched with known compromised IP addresses and bot networks. Ensuring no threat goes undetected.

Data leaks can also originate from third-party systems not protected by our security policies. These breaches may pose a risk to your business. Unfortunately, you may not even be aware of a breach until it’s too late.

We provide protection through 24/7/365 human and machine-powered monitoring of business and personal credentials, including domains, IP addresses, and email addresses on the dark web.

We identify your compromised credentials in dark web markets, data dumps, and other sources. And we quickly notify you of any potential issues, giving you the advantage to act before cybercriminals do.

Cyber attacks per day
% classified as ransomware attacks
Average ransom paid in 2023
% classified as phishing attacks
Average cost of a data breach

Data breach costs

Phishing techniques have evolved and can even bypass Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Threat actors leverage sophisticated phishing campaigns to gain access to your mailbox, allowing them to move laterally through your company and send out fake invoices to your contacts.

This malicious tactic not only heightens the impact of a security breach but also amplifies potential damages and costs, reaching a staggering average of 1 to 5 million dollars for Enterprises, and can easily cost $100 000 for smaller companies.

Safeguard your digital assets by proactively investing in robust security measures today, ensuring a secure and phish-resistant environment for tomorrow.

Application Packaging

Allow us to streamline your legacy application deployment process by packaging your applications for seamless automated deployment through Intune.

Almost any application can be packaged to improve automatic Intune deployments.

Advanced monitoring

With synthetic bot user emulation, we replicate real user experiences and assess performance from up to 10 global locations, ensuring realistic insights and reporting.

Combined with IaaS or PaaS component monitoring, this will ensure any bottlenecks and issues are found before any impact occurs.

MAnaged backup

Managed backup of your endpoints, servers, and Office 365 environment.

Optionally, we can provide Disaster Recovery services to guarantee uninterrupted uptime for your IT environment.


Empower us to handle, enhance, oversee, monitor, or bolster your IT environment or project.

We have decades of experience working on a wide scale of projects and platforms.

(Serverless) Automation Solutions

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