Experience a Secure and Efficient Modern Workplace.

Built on the robust foundation of the Microsoft 365 platform and fortified with security features from our cutting-edge automation engine, our modern workplace services are designed to provide your users with a stable and user-friendly environment.

Within this environment, we ensure that all your valuable data is not just safe but also monitored, assuring you of a secure and hassle-free experience.

Some benefits are:

  • A Phish-resistant environment!
  • Microsoft Secure Score of over 80%
  • Permanent Single Sign-On (SSO) to any federated website
  • Automated application deployment
  • Automatic device enrollment (sign-in on any new computer, and it will be enrolled with all settings and applications)
  • Windows Tweaks and optimizations
  • Windows and Edge ads/news blocker
  • Synced Edge profile, the same settings and bookmarks on all devices
  • OneDrive auto sign-in and backup of user documents
  • Windows Sign-In with MFA (Bluetooth, face recognition, fingerprint, or YubiKey) [Optional]
  • Mobile phone security policies, extra encryption and authentication layer
  • Defender for Endpoint Cloud Protection (EDR)
  • AI Analytics monitoring


All known and lesser-known security best practices are included in our baseline. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Conditional access rules require compliant devices, mfa, and enforces session time-outs
  • Customized Exchange rules that block known malicious email patterns
  • Phish and Spam protection policies
  • Entra ID risk remediation
  • Guest access limitation


Compliance policies ensure that company data is accessible only from devices meeting vital security criteria, including BitLocker drive encryption, Windows Firewall, Defender for Endpoint Cloud Protection, and more.

As a result, high-risk, unmanaged computers are prevented from accessing the environment, and user accounts become resistant to phishing attempts.

Optionally, YubiKeys (usb device) can be used to access the environment from non-compliant computers.


Advanced monitoring and response capabilities detect malicious activities, such as monitoring inbox rules, malicious application registrations, global admin actions, high-risk user activities, and Defender alerting, and more.

Our custom automation engine isolates users and devices during high-severity incidents, this containment ensures that potential security threats are neutralized, safeguarding data, systems, and the integrity of the environment.

Our NOC monitors your environment 24×7 for activity and alerts.


Elevate user experience with a range of streamlined enhancements that make work easier and more efficient.

Optimize Single Sign-On, Office applications, Edge settings, safeguard your documents with OneDrive, and ensure seamless automatic application deployments and Windows Updates.

Advanced security settings like Attack Surface Reduction Rules block unknown and undetected threats, and our device monitoring system stands ready to alert in case anything goes awry, offering peace of mind and uninterrupted productivity.

Device monitoring alerts our NOC in case of any issues such as low disk space, slow performance, or hardware faults.

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