Leverage our white-labaled Modern Workplace Services to improve the environment of your clients

Managed Intune, Multi-tenant monitoring, Managed Sentinel, Security Orchestration, view more details below and on our knowledge base, or contact us for a meeting!

White-labeled Solutions

Brand them as your own and deliver seamless experiences to your customers. Our vulnerability and desktop notifications can be branded with your logo and details.

Vulnerability Management

Stay ahead of threats with comprehensive security measures. We ensure proper settings are in place, and update third-party applications where possible.

Compliance Excellence

Our services adhere to all major security frameworks, ensuring peace of mind for you and your clients. We continuously improve the platform and update managed customers.

one vendor without dependencies

No third-party solutions or infrastructure is required other than our managed service. We ensure proper functionality, security and compliance.


All known and lesser-known security best practices are included in our baseline, remediating a wide range of security risks.

Some examples:

  • Customized Exchange rules that block known malicious email patterns
  • Exchange NDR turned off
  • Phish and Spam protection policies
  • Entra ID risk remediation
  • Guest access limitations


Compliance policies ensure that company data is accessible only from registered compliant devices meeting vital security criteria such as drive encryption and antivirus level.

As a result, high-risk, unmanaged computers are prevented from accessing the environment, resulting in a phish-resistant environment.

Optionally, YubiKeys (usb device) can be used to access the environment from non-compliant computers.


Advanced monitoring and response capabilities scan for malicious activities, and our custom automation engine isolates users and devices during high-severity incidents.

This containment ensures that potential security threats are neutralized, safeguarding data, systems, and the integrity of the environment.

Our automation engine takes action in your environment 24×7 for malicious activity and alerts.


Leveraging Defender for Endpoint on Windows and Mobile devices, we scan and alert for potential vulnerabilities. Where possible, applications are automatically updated, ensuring a good and secure user experience.

Users are alerted daily for potential risks, and Mobile device OS levels are enforced, ensuring secure endpoints and uncompromised accounts.

Leveraging custom scripts, we monitor for integrity of OneDrive and SharePoint on local devices, and other soft and hardware errors.

Device Monitoring based on Azure Monitor

Multi-Tenant Device Monitoring

Our customized monitoring solution utilizes scheduled tasks, PowerShell scripts, and Azure Monitoring to keep track of vital device health, such as OneDrive and SharePoint health, Defender for Endpoint Health, and more.

This solution doesn’t require installation of any RMM agent, nor does it have any dependencies on Intune Remediations. A Log Analytics workspace is deployed in each customer’s tenant which is billed based on ingested data.

White-Labeled Vulnerability & Security Services

These services are vital to a safe and secure environment for your customers, reducing attack surface and prevent phishing attacks.

All logos and colors in these notifications can be white-labeled to suit your branding.

Vulnerability email notifications

Managed third-party application updates improve user experience, but also ensure a safer work environment. We auto-update applications where possible, and notify users when manual action is needed.

Microsoft 365 CSS Agent-Less Phishing Detection

Using custom CSS and a server-side solution, we’ve bolstered our ability to swiftly detect phishing attacks and receive automatic alerts upon detection.

During each login, our servers validate the login session, and users are alerted by a red background and warning text in the Microsoft 365 login page when anomalies are detected!

Vulnerability toast notifications

Our daily toast notifications inform users about non-managed software updates, enabling them to take action before security breaches occur.

Our privately hosted chocolatey repository ensures uninterrupted software patching and deployment

Many applications such as browsers are easily installable

Our remediation scripts ensure that all Chocolatey packages are updated regularly.

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